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Lighting has the power to add a whole new dimension to your poolscape or backyard. The team at Browning Poolscapes offers a variety of lighting products and services created to provide backyard ambience that is uniquely your own – a reflection of your tastes, moods and lifestyle.

From LED lighting to fiber-optic lighting to solar lighting, Browning Poolscapes offers a variety of lighting solutions created to make your space brilliant, safe and functional.

LED Lights: LED lights give off a white light and are an extremely popular lighting option. They are an affordable, energy efficient alternative to many lighting options.

Incandescent Lights: These are the most affordable lighting option upfront, but while incandescent lights provide the cheapest installation options, they use more electricity than other energy-efficient options and you will pay a higher price in the long run.

Fiber-optic Lighting: The team at Browning Poolscapes can outline the shape of your pool with fiber optics and program your lights to produce colorful light shows! You can have them change color or keep them one color. It’s totally up to you!

Low-Voltage Lighting: Lighting around your swimming pool or yard can help with safety and aesthetic appeal. Use lighting around your yard or pool to create an inviting atmosphere.

Solar Lighting: Solar lighting, which is often dim, can really help add the finishing touches to your nighttime poolscape.

Here are some of our favorite lighting tips!

Invest in quality lighting up front, not later!
Do not under-light your swimming pool
Create a silhouette to highlight a specific plant or feature
LED lights look great when highlighting plants
Aim lights away from seating areas
Consider how the pool finish color will impact lighting
Use two lights facing each other for a fabulous look

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