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For more than 25 years, Browning Poolscapes has been designing and building custom waterfalls. Today, one of our client favorites remains the custom rock waterfall due to its beautiful, breathtaking and transformative nature. It often becomes the “wow” element of a swimming pool.

Not only are our rock waterfalls beautiful, they offer an element of nature that is good for you. Did you know that the sound of running water is a nature stress reducer? That is a little fact backed by science! Remember the last time you closed your eyes and listened to the sound of soothing water? Do you remember how you felt? Probably peaceful!

Although impressive, rock waterfalls don’t have to break the bank. They can be custom-designed to fit budgets of various sizes. Additionally, they add to the value of a home or property, while enhancing the lifestyle of its user.

Our most popular custom rock waterfalls:

Natural Rock Waterfalls
Boulder Waterfalls
Cascade Waterfalls
Ledge Waterfalls
Flagstone Waterfalls

The sound of running water provides the perfect, peaceful backyard element to any poolscape. When done right, rock waterfalls can create any number of feelings or experiences; they can be breathtaking, calming, dreamy or any other theme you might envision.

Let us help create your own personal backyard getaway. Our custom rock waterfalls are made with care and concern for the architectural integrity of your swimming pool. They are both beautiful and safe!

If you’re ready to discover the beauty and elegance of a custom rock waterfall, contact Browning Poolscapes today for a free in-home estimate. Call us at (325) 247-4621 or visit our beautiful showroom in Llano, Texas!